Editorial policy

Thematic focus — the publication of scientific articles a wide range of theoretical and applied problems of the economy.

The Editorial Board accepts articles written specially for the journal, in accordance with the requirements of HAC of Ukraine, who have never been published. Number of authors, as a rule, should not exceed three people.

Articles published in the original language (Ukrainian, Russian, English). The paper, as a rule, should not exceed 12 standard typewritten pages (30 lines per page — 2000 characters).

Annotations and keywords submitted on a separate page on the Russian, Ukrainian and English languages in the form: name, surname, patronymic of the author(-s), article title, abstract text — 5–7 lines, keywords.

It is mandatory to list the literature issued in accordance with DSTU 2006 and HAC of Ukraine instructions, served in one list at the end of the manuscript, and is in the order of the links in the text in the original language. Reference to the source is supplied in square brackets with obligatory definition pages that contain the material used.

For the accuracy of the numbers, geographical names, names, quotes and other information, the responsibility of the author. The editors reserve the right to reduce, to make editorial changes and reject substandard manuscripts (payment of postal services by the author). In edition there is no way to correspond about the submitted manuscripts and ordered not to return materials.

Royalties are not paid.

The Editorial Board invites the author’s participation of researchers, teachers, workers of enterprises, economic organizations, representatives of business circles.