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Tsinnisna Rationality is Like a Clear Ambush of Managing the Anti-Crisis State Government Policy

О.G. Zadorozhna,
Phd in Economic Sciences, assistant professor
ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6486-0710
e-mail: o.zadorozhna@karazin.ua,
Kharkiv National University named after V.N. Karazin

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Zadorozhna O.G. Tsinnisna Rationality is Like a Clear Ambush of Managing the Anti-Crisis State Government Policy. Management of Economy: Theory and Practice. Chumachenko’s Annalscollection of scientific papers / Institute of Industrial Economics of the NAS of Ukraine. Kyiv, 2020. P. 170-183. DOI: https://doi.org/10.37405/2221-1187.2020.170-183


The need for a cardinal change in the management of anti-corrosion and anti-coronavirus transformations of the current crisis system and the state’s gratitude become a priority for economic, social, and management people science.  The light has already changed dramatically.  The new head managers have a lot of people who are guilty of being guilty of all the administrative decisions of the national districts, as well as the supranational institutes.  The price of the need for a reason is that it is the most important for people to take economical management decisions and take an active part in the government’s government processes, and the smell is the first for all the highly rational, moral, and spiritually-gratifying  The goal is to achieve proof-of-concept, how the management of anti-crisis transformations of the dastardly government can be effective and successful for the mind, since such transformations are carried out in the context of the cultural and cultural field of comprehension of the present-day people.  The very protection and protection of the people of the present year becomes the head vector and the field of management activities.  For the rationalization of human management, it should mean, but not sensible, separate problems: environmental, economic, social, military, psychological, etc., in the life of people and suspensions.  The state through the stem of the governing bodies is the same as the poklikan osyagati-intelligence, so the unity of the whole vikhoditiy from such intelligence with the vikonanny of its own attribute ‒ the zahol’y administrative function of development.  Orієntir-tsil ‒ ob’єdnannya ‒ the head moment is not deprived of the theoretical comprehension of the state in the mental field of integrity, but the main directly її practical steps to ensure the development of an integral national state-owned complex.

ludin, statehood, ludinomirne management, cinne rationality, spiritual and moral value, witness, holarchy.


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